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Drought !!!

Friday, July 20th, 2012

As this year’s drought deepens, supplemental watering, where possible, becomes more important for the survival of newly planted landscape trees. Previous blog entries have outlined ways to do this, and deep watering, in particular, has become more important (and recommended) as the dry weather persists. I’ve seen reports that most areas of the state will need a foot or more of rainfall to alleviate the dry conditions, and predictions seem to indicate that moderate to severe drought conditions will last into the early fall. Available soil moisture is getting low, and even older well-established trees are starting to show moisture deficiency stress, so I recommend trying to stay ahead of the game by practicing deep watering of newly planted trees, and, if possible, even do so with more well established yard scape trees that may be exhibiting early signs of stress; e.g. yellowing/browning of leaves, early shedding of leaves, die back of fresh twig growth, etc.

Techniques for supplemental watering can be found in the archives of this blog or in any number of other informational resources; or inquiries can be made to local nurseries or tree care professionals (e.g. arborists, urban foresters, etc.). There are many ways to do it; you just have to determine the best way to make it work in your situation.

Good luck………………….