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Batten Down The Hatches!

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

I read the other day that a weak to moderate LaNina weather pattern had reestablished itself in the South Pacific. Most of last winter’s weather in Missouri was due to a stronger LaNina, so this year’s prediction may mean more weather like last year; albeit not so nasty, but still nasty enough. So, are you ready? Are your trees and other outdoor plants ready for the vagaries of Mother Nature that are lurking out there? I’ve done a few things I hope will help my home landscape weather the storm (no pun intended), and I urge you to take stock of your situation and do any last minute chores to help your plants.

I have:

1. Checked my mulch piles around the trees and shrubs, and replenished where necessary.

2. Cut back the perrenials that require such treatment (my wife’s day lillies and a couple of clematis’).

3. Sowed a flower bed with  native wildflower seeds that should come up next spring and summer ( a better idea than annuals – and prettier too).

4. Removed a few errant branches on two cedars out back.

5. Cleaned and stowed my tools – I can check and sharpen the cutting tools during days I’m stuck indoors later on – if I don’t forget.

6. Made sure the snow shovel is still intact and ready to go.

7. Laid in a small supply of tree friendly ice melt so I can keep the ice down on my sidewalk.

I still have to put sandbags in the bed of my pickup, and I’ll need to check a crepe myrtle for dieback after we get a really good cold spell. I can prune back the crepe myrtle (if necessary – It didn’t dieback last year), but I’ll have to wait until I can corral one or both of my sons to load the heavy sandbags for me. For some reason, 70 pound bags of dead weight sand weigh more than they used to; especially when I try to lift them into the bed of my truck.

So, I think this old guy is pretty well battened down for what ever the little girl throws my way this winter. I hope you are too.