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Got An IPhone?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

There’s a new App for IPhone users that could help with tree identification. It is called LEAFSNAP, and is free ! It is a field ID guide that identifies any tree simply by taking a photo of it’s leaves. LEAFSNAP also provides additional photos and detailed species information. The app was developed by scientists at Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institute to primarily aid researchers in the quest for new species in relatively unknown habitats. However, as one of the developers points out, “the app can be used by the public to get to know the plant diversity in their own backyards.”

I don’t have the IPhone, so I can’t attest to the usefulness of the app, but, if it works as advertised, it could be a useful and enjoyable app for those so inclined. Since it’s free, one can’t be out anything if they want to give it a try.

As users photograph trees, each image is automatically added to a growing LEAFSNAP database. Together, users are creating the first of it’s kind map of tree locations throughout the U.S. Using this information, scientists can monitor tree populations and track patterns of decline and disease. So, by using LEAFSNAP, you’ll be helping science and gaining valuable insight into the world around you.

My thanks to Forest Releaf of Missouri for passing along this info about LEAFSNAP.