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Don’t Forget The Goodies

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Urban landscapes are beginning to sport more tree species that produce edible fruits and/or nuts. Fruit trees,especially some of the dwarf varieties, make good landscape trees, if planted and managed appropriately, and they also provide the added amenity of delicious fruit to be enjoyed in the fall of the year. So………………………….if you have some apples, pears, etc. out there in the “yard,” enjoy their beauty, but don’t forget the goodies. It’s time to think about apple pies, pear preserves, jams, pecan dishes of all sorts, walnuts for cakes, cookies, or by themselves, and maybe even some persimmon wine if one is so inclined. Persimmons right off the tree are also very good and sweet, but not before frost, or they’ll give you a pucker you won’t soon forget.

It is not unruly to take advantage of natures largess, especially when it is produced in your own yard. In addition to the wonderful tastes, fresh fruits and nuts are high in nutritional value, and it makes no sense to just let them fall to the ground and rot away or get embroiled with the lawnmower. Harvesting also offers the opportunity to involve the family in a “togetherness” activity, that someday might be remembered as a valued tradition among the members. There are many grown children who fondly remember collecting walnuts with their mom and/or dad, and making delicious goodies in the family kitchen during the cool fall weather. Priceless!!

I have commented before about using fruit tree varieties in the urban landscape, and I believe they offer viable alternatives to conventional species whose fruits are not that desirable for human consumption. Fruit trees can offer some of the same benefits as other species such as windbreak protection, privacy screening, erosion protection, wildlife cover and food, etc. But, once they begin to bear fruit, their value increases exponentially.